Pure love and you

Have you ever been in a relationship for more than an hour, a day and a week?

If yes, question yourself:

Has he ever done the same special thing that he did to you to anyone else (or can he do it again for anyone in the future)? Have you ever acknowledged the presence of a pure selfless connection between you and him, even if it was for a moment? Have you not ever felt his saying of 3 words and 8 letters sounding special, intense and deeper than usual ones?

If yes, you have definitely encountered pure love. In every relationship, you have to find that pure moment like you find solutions for math problems to cherish it.

I know we should not think about the past and all, but we do have full right to appreciate those precious moments.  So, just go back and recall your rare days, the time when you were the most special person and the world to him. Trust me, I know you had that feeling for a second followed by minutes and maybe days but definitely not everyday because we all comprehend life always comes in between, pulls you both down to the reality and venoms the purity. However at the end of the story, you actually did experience it “Pure love”. Every relationship you were in had some purity in different forms that was and is so special and incomparable.

I know I am in this bubble of finding pure love moments from my past since it’s the month of February, yet I also know that I can never have back that timeline of my life and similar passion for my current and future bond. It is going to be different and beautiful every time because  phases of life and myself are changing with the seasons and years…

P.S.  There are more questions that will help you discover the purity of your love bond and please do not confuse yourself with the linkage between pure love and lifelong relationship. They do associate but not during most of the time.

Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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