Amsterdam, Moi BFF and two Strangers

Midnight was approaching and the last visit of the day was  at the Red Light District of the city. Later, we took a train to another city “Delft” and was excited to  continue the journey.

I love traveling and one of my favorite European cities is Amsterdam. It was my second visit to the city. I knew it would be  different from the premier visit because I was traveling with my BFF.

As expected our train deck was almost empty (it was midnight). There were only three of us: moi BFF, cute stranger and myself.  The cute stranger was sitting across us and fortunately we both could see each other distinctively. Initially, I had no intentions to do anything until a drunken stranger entered and sat in front of us.

In a very quick mode, many things happened at that moment:

1)   Moi BFF: She fell asleep on my shoulder listening to her music.

2)   The drunken stranger: He started checking me out as if I was carrying the vibe from the Red Light District.

3)   The cute stranger: He was frequently glancing at me.

4)   ME: I could feel the stare of the drunken stranger frightening me and the glance by the cute stranger getting me blushed . Unfortunately, the sensitivity to both these feelings got me anxious and my instant reaction towards the mixed feelings turned out to be very stupid.


I planned to stare at the cute stranger to get his whole attention while the drunken stranger was staring at me. I thought if the drunken stranger tried to attack my sleepy BFF and me, I would call out my cute stranger for help.

How long do you think a person can stare at someone?

5 minutes to 10 minutes

Dang, we were staring each other for more than THIRTY minutes. In the first five minutes,  the cute stranger looked back at me smiling but very soon he noticed the drunken stranger staring at me too. Then, he stopped smiling and started staring at both of us wondering what was happening.

The weird scenario:  Trio staring situation between a drunken stranger, a cute stranger and I, myself.

I seriously didn’t know what would happen next until my sleepy BFF stood up and started busting out loud, scary, crazy laugh.  Her laugh finally stopped three of us from staring at each other and lead us to stare at her. I am sure she definitely got the drunken stranger frightened at that moment as her laugh scared me too (and usually it doesn’t happen). Finally and luckily, we arrived to Delft safely and got off the deck.

P.S. Later, moi BFF asked me why didn’t I fake sleeping like her? I replied, “ I couldn’t because the drunken guy already caught me  happy and fresh.”

Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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