Lakes in San Bernardino Mountains

“Isn’t this place like Switzerland or Seattle or Nepal?” As I was going up and up on the mountains in San Bernardino, I felt like I was visiting a new state or country. The tall mountains were standing proudly welcoming us dressed in distinct dark green colored Pine trees. Each newly covered miles was introducing us to new vintage towns and lakes. After browsing the stores and antique shops through the towns, I learned about the importance of liquor and smoke during  stays in the mountains. They had more stores on Liquor compared to food. It reminded me of  French drinking rituals, where wines and liquor are considered substitutes to water. And I thought “Pour Quoi Pas”? OMG, I also ate in McDonalds which had one of the best restaurant views in the world. I was like”C’est pas possible”. Isn’t the view beautiful? The picture below covers only a quarter percentage of the view from McDonald. So, can you imagine the whole scenario? Lake Arrow head Lake _ PemayBTW, how good are you with measurement? I am terrible at measuring. For example: I assumed Lake Arrowhead lake to be medium in size. However after one hour boat ride and sightseeing of the enormous and gorgeous Lakeside houses, I figured out the lake was pretty big. It was huge. I would highly recommend this boat trip to everyone because you will not only learn about the lake and town, but you will also see who lives in this town. I consider the town as lost twin sister of Beverly Hills, only with a greener environment difference. I loved the lakes in the San Bernardino mountains- Silverwood Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake and Lake Gregory. The lakes were beautiful and breathtaking until we visited Lake Baldwin. It totally surprised me.  I am sorry to let you know that she no longer exists and the land where she stood proudly and happily  is on sale. I wish I could know her (C’est la vie). We will always remember you Lake Baldwin.  Besides, the town also had men wearing cowboy hats riding on horses in the town road. I loved the mountains and I could not ask for more. I also got Pine trees cones from the mountains as a special memento. Will I visit the place again? I know I will  because I fell in love with the mountains and want to know more about it. P.S. Every time my eyes fall on the Pine tress cones, it reminds of the green mountains  and gorgeous Lakes enjoying the hot mid-July summer with the cool air breeze passing through the trees.                                        San bernardino_PemaySan bernardino_Pemay

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