Borrowing or begging is not easy.

“Can you lend me $10? I will return it back to you next week. ”

7 AM – Whether it was absence of coffee or activeness of ambiguous hormones in my body, I could not log in to my bank account. I tried 4-5 times to sign in and then I finally quit. But I did not know that the bank did not quit on me.

4 PM – I planned to visit my family in Irvine for the weekend. So, I headed to LA Union Station with last $1.50 left on my Tap card.

5:30 PM – “Miss, your card does not work. I am sorry.”

                      “Can you try it again please?”

                         “Yes. It does not work again. ”

Qu’est ce qui se passe? I called the customer service of the bank and then OMG happened. The bank cancelled the cards to protect the owner because somebody tried to log in to the account numerous times this morning. Seriously?!?!?! C’est pas possible. FYI, I am a card person and my purse hardly gets to meet cash. So, here I was penniless in LA Union Station with destinations to visit.

6:00 PM – Tough question: “What do I do now? I can neither go home or Irvine.”

                        Tough answer: “Borrow money.”

6:05 PM – How hard can it be to borrow $10 from a stranger for a ticket? I am sure people can understand the scenario and be helpful. In fact, I have frequently seen beggars getting money easily and I know I am far better to be rejected; especially when someone is dressed well and resembles a normal person.

6:10 PM – OOPS! IT IS VERY HARD (trust me). I asked a guy if I could borrow some money and return it back next week – he stared and denied instantly. I think his mind interpreted the meaning of the word “borrow” with “beg”. I could assume this because of the change in his face expression while listening to my borrowing dollar question. I do not know how one feels begging for days but that stare from the guy, definitely sucked up my confidence to approach another person. I only wished that I had carried a second pair of heels with me to exchange it for a ticket (if it’s even possible).

6:15 PM – I felt weird and realized borrowing or begging is not easy. From now on, I can easily quote “a person does not trust another person” with based on a real life story. At present, it does not matter if you dress well or speak politely. Dear people, you are not trustworthy of $10 or may be even $1.

6:35 PM – I am on the train to Irvine. Please do not ask me how I got in because something unusual happens again after this and I am not proud of it.

P.S. If you are the person I asked money to, I would like to let you know that I would have returned the money back. Sometime you need to loosen up and trust people.




Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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