A Hollywood Moment!

“Is this it? Hollywood life from now onwards!”


It didn’t take a second to comprehend that it’s only for now.

Can I identify myself as a tourist even after a year of living in Los Angeles? Probably! Giant LA has so many events and activities going on every second. Based on their schedules and varieties, I understood this early enough; nobody can outshine as an expertise of the LA events. There is always something left out and you wish your multiple “you” had attended all of them.

Events always grab my attention. Some take tickets and some require invitations. Tickets are not the new things to me but the invitations definitely are. I ain’t no famous someone to receive an event invitation card but I definitely know people who can get me in. Who am I kidding! I know none.

It wasn’t until I was eating my dinner in this healthy place at Hollywood. There it was; I am a stranger to everyone and everyone is a stranger to me in a healthy food bubble.

“Have you been here before?” was the first question asked to me by a Hollywood stranger and it never got stopped there. We spoke for a duration of fast – food dinner. It was enough to represent each other through interests, nationality, future plans and our love for LA. She was a dancer and even if she didn’t mention her profession, it was not something hard to guess about her. She had the charisma and characteristics. Interestingly, we both were foreign to this city and were new explorers.

I am not a person who lives in Pasadena and eats dinner in Hollywood. However, that day I became the person- a rendezvous at 20:00 with a team* in W. Hotel.

“You still have 30 minutes on your hands.” my new Hollywood “H” friend mentioned. And it didn’t take long for her to invite me to another event, which she was attending after dinner. I said “Sure! Thank you for inviting me.” It was a music industry career related event. Sorry Mommy, I know you always taught me not to talk to strangers. But I also did read somewhere that rules are made to be broken.

It didn’t take long for a wristband to open the gate for wine, snacks, DJ’s, musicians, want-to-be musicians, singers, want-to-be singers, music managers, want-to-be music managers and huge Nicki Minaj posters. I got so excited, and as all excited people do, I was thinking of taking thousands of pictures. I also thought I could get to know my new Hollywood friend more during the event.

Often nothing goes as I plan and I am glad it happened again. Me and “H” mon amie didn’t speak a lot. Actually none of the people spoke much. They all had a solid face with bold expressions and each glowed their love towards music naturally. Everyone looked uniquely common except me. It is not because I am awesome but I was someone you refer as “an outsider” then. I had no commonness, to look for the differences. At that moment, everything seemed perfectly new. I tried to absorb the moment as much as I could (the re-visit to the event after the team* meeting definitely proves it).

Is it possible to be totally new to an event in this world? Based on my experience, of course not! Though the event theme and the atmosphere did not match with me, the last talk about “women support” in the music industry definitely did. Women should always support women and it does not matter in which industry. Apparently, I have always been a firm believer of it and this principle made me part of the music industry event’s bubble for rest of the evening.

P.S. I definitely want to express my moment of being an outsider more clearly but this topic has already been elaborated too long. So, I let your imagination define my moment for now.

A team* – Organizers of a fashion show “Inspire”, La Fashion Week.

Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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