Bed sharing with Lena Dunham was special!

“Lena, I will always use a condom.”

Please don’t judge me but I have always been a huge fan of fabulous chicks series. My all time favorite is “Sex and the City,” and now “Girls” ranks second on the position. I can always relate myself with Carrie, Samantha, Hannah, Soshanna and all the beautiful characters. They face almost the same opportunities, problems and interesting dramatic situations as me. On the other hand, if I was born 2000 years ago, my favorite series would probably be “Game of Thrones”.

Carrie and Hannah, both are professional writers as characters. However, Hannah, who is also Lena Dunham is a writer in real life too. Her book “Not that kind of girl” launched recently and with no surprise, I am one of the book readers. Among all the amazing book services by Barnes and Nobles, one of them is “book signing event with Lena Dunham”.  Within 2 days, I learnt that Lena has a bed-sharing* thingy too. In the beginning, I was so happy for not being the only weirdo. Later, I started respecting her more because it takes bravery to open up about it to the world. It’s hard. You will be judged in one way or other. I tried it and some people misunderstood it for something else.


Is this a coincidence?

*buying book on Saturday (luckily at Barnes and Nobles)

*receiving email from Timeout LA on Monday about great things happening in LA on Monday

*getting informed first time about the event “book signing event with Lena Dunham on Tuesday” on Monday (the event is tomorrow????)

*calling Barnes and Nobles like desperate psycho about the event on Monday afternoon during lunch break

*smiling after awesome event manager agreed about my situation and kindly held a band for me for tomorrow(I wish I could buy her a coffee)



On Tuesday, I met Lena Dunham. I didn’t know what would I say to her. For one hour, I was giggling and gossiping with Fab girls on line B and the next second, I  see myself in front of Lena Dunham.

ME:  “Hi, Lena. I am………. I just started reading your book and I totally understand you going through bed sharing* moments. I have felt that too.”

LENA: “Really. That’s sweet for you to say it. Are you going through it right now?”

ME: “Yes.” (I wish I thought a lot before speaking but I had no time for it. So, the truth poured out.)

LENA: “HAHA… Do not get pregnant.”

ME: “Totally! I will use a condom.” (Seriously, condom? Couldn’t I use the word contraceptive or give some awesome reply like I am a careful smart girl or something. Again, no time to think.)


Conversation finishes.


Later, I posted what’s on my mind on Facebook wall:

“One of my greatest moments: talking to Lena Dunham about Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham,#outfit, #bedsharing, #pregnancy and #contraceptive . Just love it.””


If I had a chance, would I change the moment or the convo with Lena Dunham? Of course not. I think it was a privilege to talk about “bed-sharing” one on one with her.

P.S. Some awesome girls stood in the line from 6am to get the band and one girl drove from Arizona. RESPECT!

bed-sharing* – the definition might alter a bit with people based on situations. I let you define it by yourself for now or after you read the book.

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