Why do I take pictures of everything I eat or shit?

“I ain’t a crazy, narcissistic and flashy kind of person. But I ain’t normal too. Accept me, please.”

Have you seen people posting pictures of everything from the food they eat to the books they read? If not, meet me. Currently, I am trying not to post my breakfast pictures but it does get uploaded, apparently. I am a normal human being like you but I just do it for some reasons, which most people seem to be unaware of. Let me start by introducing myself before scheduling a rendezvous with you to experience my crazy behavior.

I am an international student/ citizen in the United States or anywhere except my home country Nepal. My parents live in Belgium and my baby brother lives in Nepal. My BFF, which also includes my awesome cousins, are spread out all over the world: Nepal, France, USA, China, Thailand, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan and Japan. By the way, this does not include my other friends and cousins with whom I need to communicate at least once a month. On the whole, I kind of need to update the whole world covered with my loved ones about what’s happening in my life until I stop breathing for more than 1 minute and 3 seconds (that’s the maximum duration of time, I can live without breathing in this Earth for now). So, how do I keep my people updated about my awesome life?

Q – Do I email?

A – Yes, but only if its the last medium to share updates and pictures.

Q – Do I text personally?

A – Yes, but only if it is very personal which does not include my food, books, events and many more.

Q – Do I do what?

A – I use social media, especially Instagram for pictures and Facebook for my posts.

Q – Why?

A – WHY!! It’s because it is very efficient and effective. The reason sounds so serious and significant, which may make no sense but it’s the truth.

I am kind of a busy person: busy enough that I am unable to send a picture to all my loved ones personally/individually. FYI, I am a person who orders an Iced Vanilla Latte in Coffee Bean and later realizes that she forgot her purse at home. So, there is definitely a high chance of me forgetting to update someone important, if personal a messaging option is ever taken into consideration. So, I just post them on social media. Social media helps me inform a message proficiently within a second to all of them including the strangers (my Instagram profile is not private).

Most of the time, my mom, cousins and BFF have many common questions related to my life.

What did you do? Where did you go? What did you eat? What did you wear?

An answer to a question will always be the same whether asked by one or ten people, unless I want to intentionally lie to someone. It is ‘one for all, and all for one”. This line pretty much explains my state of posting updates on social media. I just post pictures and answer questions of my loved ones instinctively, without happening to answer everyone the same answer. Imagine repeating the same answer of what you wore for lunch more than three times.

If the next critique is about food and books posts, I post them because foods and books represent culture. I am in a new country and I want to express my experience with the new culture to my loved ones. Thus, I am posting a lot of things, which means a lot to me, and maybe nothing much to you.

I hope my simple reason helps to calm you down a bit regarding the frequent picture posting behavior. There are definitely different reasons for people posting pictures frequently on social media, and among them, this is generally one. If not, feel free to ask the person taking pictures next time. It always helps.

P.S. One of my BFFs always takes pictures of food and her solid reason behind it is “I am Asian.”

*to my flatmate ^_^

Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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