What represents “Los Angeles Ultimate Women”?

“Am I in the halo effect by feminism or is it a 23 year old female’s opinion? ”

I recently visited an expo designated for Los Angeles Ultimate Women. The expo sounded very interesting. I expected to be supported and educated more about the female world. The expo sounded like an inspirational event for me and I did indeed need an inspiration in my life. Women can be career oriented, family oriented, material oriented and much more. So, how are women actually defined? What defines women?

The Expo:

The representation of women LA Ultimate Women was a woman who loves fashion and beauty. She is also very sensitive about her body; which is actually a normal California trend. Teeth whitening, manicure, nutritionist, laser treatment and dietician are her primary must-haves. She loves reading books, decorating flowers, drinking wine and listening to so-called inspiring speakers. She loves glamour and Lux Lounge EFR had a beautiful Lounge electrifying the expo. Though Neil Armstrong walked on the moon ages before, and everything turned scientific and technological, her beliefs about psychic reading are still very strong. Who would not like to know their future on career, finance and love for $20? Unfortunately, I did not. Psychic readers were the last person I was thinking to meet in the expo. There were also numerous booths on accessories, make-up, hair care, shoes and dresses.

Did I really expect so much that it ended up getting me disappointed?

An experience says it all. Toni & Guy were giving out free coupons for haircut and coloring through a raffle at the event. The host, who was a guy, was calling out the numbers to give the coupon. I don’t know what he believed he was that day, but he definitely found himself powerful when numerous people were wishing to get their number called out. Among them, there was a woman who had been waiting for her raffle number since 11 am. Later, we saw him giving out coupons to other girls randomly. When the woman tried to ask him, he told her to wait for the number. I asked, “What happened?” She replied “I am not young enough for him.” It was really aggravating to see a woman who felt alienated at an event FOR women.

It is true that most women love to express themselves through fashion and beauty, but there are different ways to represent women and their types, and many of them were not represented. There is so much more to women than just these things, which should have been there, especially in an expo targeting women, which is a perfect place to interact with thousands of women.

Being a woman, I had different opinions on the expo. I think the expo exhibitors needed to be more open minded about women. I felt there were several obvious things that were missing in the event.

Firstly, they did have a booth on sexual toys and understanding women’s needs, but we need more. We love sports, our careers, art, culture and entertainment as much as we love fashion and beauty. It would have been nice to see the expo being inclusive of ALL women. A woman wants information about women’s right and support as much as she wants tips on dieting and anti-aging. Duh! Even my favorite Cosmopolitan women’s magazine covers all these topics. How could the LA Ultimate Women Expo (a strong title for an expo) be so unaware about it?

Secondly, they missed women’s issues by a ballpark. Just some days before, there has been a lot of exposure given to Emma Watson’s UN speech on feminism, and many organizations have talked about the subject. But what is the take on feminism by regular LA women? What is their opinion and experience with it? Another women’s issue they should have also addressed is abuse. Women are facing numerous harassment and physical abuses day to day. Some even may not know that they are being the victims of it. I actually thought the expo would have a great lively discussion about the subject as the subject on feminism and women’s issues is trending rapidly. However there was not a word mentioned about it. Why? Is “feminism” only a subject to be discussed by celebrities on media platforms? Doesn’t an opinion of a regular woman count?

Last but not the least, the expo was held in the month of October. Yet, there was no presence of breast cancer awareness. Why didn’t any organization or company think about it? Non-profit organization, profit organization, women’s magazines, men’s magazines, fast food companies and almost every single big or small organization promoted October’s pink ribbon on online and offline mediums. However, nobody promoted the issue in this expo. Is it because it’s the end of October and the marketing campaign is over? I know I am going off topic and will stop it right here. Think about it. I could go on and on about it, and confuse you with a list of things that could be improved. However, whenever I think about the expo, these were the top three things that hit me.

P.S. Couldn’t the expo be an inspiring experience rather than only day-to-day shopping experience? Am I over expecting? What do you think?

I personally would like to thank Lux Lounge EFR for giving me an opportunity to attend the Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo.

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