How did the almost perfect “New Girl” expo get me in shock?

“If you get a chance to experience fashion world next door, would you grab the opportunity?”

In 2009, I realized my intense deep love towards fashion and I never plan to get over it. Every day, I am exploring and understanding my style and signature. As every other fashion lover, I also always imagined and wanted to experience the Fall Fashion Week either virtually or physically. Sometimes wishes do come true in one or the other form. Recently, Lux Lounge EFR gave me an opportunity to enhance my sense of style to the next level in the New Girl Expo, LA. I enjoyed the expo but experienced a unwanted surprise too.

The New Girl expo is everything about street style. The expo successfully featured all the elements with distinctive panache from what do everyday girls wear to what do everyday girls drink and what everyday girls might need. You name it for street fashion and it practically had it all. It was a creation of another version of Fall Fashion Week including amazing fashion shows, panels, VIP lounge, exclusive shops, location and fabulous attendees. The crowd appreciated the “new girl” theme and was ready to explore it. It was all about quality to quantity. The expo was small but it definitely rocked the street style as promised.

Along the process of enhancing my style in the expo, I received some lifestyle advices. I forgot to mention that the expo also focused on lifestyles and one of the lifestyle vendors titled “Naughty LA” took me by surprise. It was not the title of the vendor and the sex lifestyle subject that shocked me but it was the girl who approached to explain about sex coaching. She was so young. She was just nineteen and was asking me if I had any physical intimacy related questions and problems. I definitely did not know how to respond back to her question. It’s not because I am a shy person. I was trying not to judge her because of her age but I just could not. Later she mentioned that it was her elder sister’s business and her sister was very experienced in this area. I was still answerless. Call me closed minded person or the one who is judgmental type, but I could not digest a nineteen-year-old girl selling a business about sex coaching in an expo or anywhere. I could not accept it now nor I think I can in coming days.

Fashion means a lot to me, more than clothes, bags and accessories. You are bonding with the global world and the women in the global world through fashion. If you love fashion, you should be able to respect women and the worldwide. Let’s get drowned in fashion, wearing morality and accessorizing with ethical minds every time.

P.S. I am in love with the golden – glitter tattoo that I bought at the expo. Do check out Panticakes, if you love cakes and panties. I found their packaging very unique.

I personally would like to thank Lux Lounge EFR for giving me an opportunity to attend New Girl Expo.

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