The Suicide Bridge!

“What would you like to do at 1 am in Pasadena?”

The question couldn’t be asked in perfect timing than this one. I immediately replied “I always wanted to walk in Old Pasadena after midnight, like a ghost.”

The text got delivered and my “wish granted.”

I walked with my friend* from Pasadena City Council to the Suicide Bridge around 1:30 am. The roads were empty, however, not lonely, but in peace. Later, as we walked across the suicide bridge, I got worried about disturbing the souls sleeping under the bridge but how loud can two people get.

The Suicide Bridge was perfect as I imagined.

P.S. I highly recommend people to walk down the bridge at midnight, but do keep your voice down. There are souls who will be trying to or sleeping at that time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.31.55 PM






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