The love affairs of Nathaniel P.” by Adelle Waldman.

Top eight interesting lines from the book “The love affairs of Nathaniel P.” by Adelle Waldman.

  1. Men and women both need relationships just badly; men just don’t know it. They misattribute their unhappiness to other causes, which is frustrating for women, who watch men make choices that harm both of them. – Aurit #215
  1. Men and women on relationships are like men and women on orgasms, except in reverse. Women crave relationships the way men crave orgasm. Their whole being bends to its imperative. Men, in contrast, want the relationships the way women want orgasm: sometimes, under the right circumstances. – Jason #214
  1. Of course, life couldn’t always be lived at that pitch. Day-to-day life was bound, sometimes, to be mundane, full of workaday tasks and minor decisions. Amnesty International or Doctors without Borders? Dinner in or dinner out? Some nights were bound to contain little more than a movie on Netflix. – Nate #142
  1. That’s nice of you to say. Every time I want to paint you as a total jerk, you go and say something nice. That’s what kills me. – Hannah #181
  1. When a friendship ceases to grow, it immediately begins to decline. – Nate #130
  1. As a rule, men want a reason to end a relationship, while women want a reason to keep it going. That’s why, after the fact, men look to all the things that were wrong with the relationship, to confirm the rightness of ending it. Women, on the other hand, go back and search for what might have been different, what might have made it work. – Jason #214
  1. The belief that success was something that just happened to you, that you just did your thing, and if you were deserving, it was bestowed by the same invisible hand that ensured that the deli would have milk to drink and sandwiches to buy. Wouldn’t that be nice? – Nate #50
  1. When he was twenty-five, everywhere he turned he saw a woman who already had, or else didn’t want, a boyfriend. Some were taking breaks from men to give women or celibacy a try. Others were busy applying to grad school or planning yearlong trip to Indian ashrams, or touring the country with their all-girl rock bands. – Nate #40

P.S. I kind of understood Nate as a person by p. 203 and I disliked him more than I thought I disliked Jason. What do you think about Nate? Which line would you pick from the book? #5 by Hannah is my favorite.


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