The Broad Museum!

I love the new museum in the city “The Broad Museum“.
After passing through the streets every day, watching the long queue waiting to enter the museum every time and finally reserving a  visitor ticket online for the month of January, today I finally got a chance to visit the new contemporary art museum in Los Angeles.
The Broad museum is special in its own way. Each art piece in the museum is very unique, simple  and interesting. I am not a big fan of contemporary art, but some of the pieces in the museum blew my mind. The artists have represented normal things we use or see in our daily life like chair, balloon dog into something special through their art piece. After visiting the museum, you will never consider a chair as a simple chair. You will always recall the big chair displayed in the museum,  and if you think deep and broad, who knows you might come up with your own artistic piece.
The infinity mirror is one of the must-see. Please book your ticket to see “the infinity mirror” as soon as you enter The Broad museum. There is a long wait list for this piece and sometime, it might be booked for the day.
The art pieces of The Broad museum are so cool that they are definitely taking over the social media. Each piece is unique and cool and the variety in the collection is definitely grabbing attention of a big crowd.
Book your ticket online, but if you have patience and time, just wait in the queue and be among the first thousands to visit The Broad Museum!









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