Hot spring in Yellowstone (I)

Yellowstone National Park is a place unlike no others. I got to see and do many things for the first time in my life at the national park. When going through some of the hot springs, basins and geysers, it was like viewing paintings in a museum. Norris Geyser Basin (pic below) definitely justifies the statement.

Nothing remains same through out the day in the national park. Geothermal areas of Yellowstone changes as day pass by. They are transient, artistic, beautiful and unique. You will feel in a new place every time, even though you visited the place already. So, don’t hesitate to visit the same place twice. I would however recommend to visit the places in different times of the day. I personally contemplated the views as long as I could. Mother nature is to be appreciated and respected. If you are planning to visit the national park, check out the 8 best Yellowstone here. My favorite is ALL. I would not be able to pick as they are all magnifique.

P.S. If offered, would you grab an opportunity  to live in Yellowstone for a year and experience all the four seasons with the nature & animals?


Author: ang_pemay

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