Beaches in Nice, France

Blue beach, Nice

            Bay of Nice has multiple beautiful beaches with gravels. The Mediterranean Sea is clean and blue at Nice. When I say blue, you need to buy it because they also have a beach called ‘Blue beach’. All the beaches of Nice can be accessed through Promenade des Anglais. Opera plage, Blue beach and all the other beaches are beside each other in the same bay. Do not worry if you see the private beach section signs. Right beside the private beach, you will find a public beach that you can access for free and easily. Just be careful about the pebbles. They can get hot and poke your feet. We wore our sandals all the time. You will also notice locals leaving sandals near to the shore before entering the beach.


            It was my first time to experience tanning in pebbles. It is doable. The pebbles are hard. So, I suggest you carry thick towels or sheets and all the best to plant the umbrella. It was very difficult for us to dig a hole in the pebbles to stand the umbrella. If you are traveling from abroad, you can always buy an umbrella, towels or floating tubes near the beach. We visited the beach on the last day of our trip. We had already checkout from “Days Inn by Wyndham Nice Center” and the beach was the perfect place to spend the last hours in Nice before heading to the airport. Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is only 15 minutes drive away from the beach and you can see airplanes taking off and landing in the airport. I highly recommend you to do it at night because it’s beautiful.

Opera Beach, Nice

            We spent the whole afternoon in Blue beach dipping in the sea that we lost track of time. The sea was warm, blue and translucent with the perfect pace of waves. Although there were no sea creatures in the sea, we somewhat missed our swim goggles. I would recommend you to carry it because the water is so clean and clear. You can enjoy the bottom of the sea and feel the depth. On the side of our beach, people were parasailing frequently. It was interesting to see how people land from up in the sky. I definitely want to try it once. The company also offers kayaking and jet skiing. Pebble beach has its own benefit. We had no sand on our body and hair when it was time to leave. Imagine somebody covered with sand sitting beside you in the flight. It’s definitely  not a good experience.

Lido Beach, Nice

       When we were lying on the beach in Nice, we noticed the private and public section. It was inquisitorial and satisfying. If you ignored the fancy umbrellas, towels and everything, it was satisfying to see that we all were enjoying the same beach. Some paid for it and some didn’t but we were sharing it together. It is important to maintain it like this. Nature should be free to all. There should be an option to enjoy it for free. On the other hand, it also raised a question of what would happen if we did not protect this option by saving our mother earth. I have a feeling that if we do not protect mother nature by taking actions now, one day we all might need to pay to enjoy the sea because it will be rare then. As a traveller, we can start with simple steps by not littering the beach during our stay and recycling water bottles. 


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