Motivation on #bodylove

How did I come to this stage of loving my body and working on it? It’s a long story but the turning point was not that long back.

In 2015, I was visiting Portland with my friend, Dracula*. We visited Multnomah Falls and it was incredible. Dracula wanted to hike to the top to see the upper section of the waterfall. I kind of did too but I was not as enthused as her. She pushed me to give a try and we started hiking. The trail was all upward and all I wanted to do was sit somewhere and relax. She would not let me give up. She waited for me after every step. I finally saw a bench and an idea popped in my mind. I asked her to continue moving forward and I will join her with my pace. She started charging forward and I was trying to find an opportunity to hide in that bench behind the people. She was a bit ahead than me. So, I quickly sat down on the sit and didn’t turn my head back for a while. I guessed she lost me after all the minutes that passed by. By now, I was sure she left me to head up the waterfall. I slowly turned back to check on her and there she was standing not that far and staring at me.

That stare, I do not know what to say. I felt sad, embarrassed and ashamed. I wished I could hike with her and go to the top of the waterfall but I was not fit physically. I did not have the stamina. I was already running out of breath after a short walk. She returned back and then we descended.

At that moment, I had made up my mind to work on my stamina for our next planned trip to Mount Rainier National Park, Seattle. I started training myself in the gym. I started using treadmill daily for cardio and then slowly turned into a regular gym person. All this happened because I wanted to be able to hike beside my friend. I motivated myself in the gym; not for beauty or clothes or anything related to vanity, it was all for friendship. I wanted to experience more adventures with her and if I had to kick my ass to the gym every day for it, I would happily do it. We hiked Mount Rainier National Park, Seattle in 2017. It was a successful trip and I had an adventurous time with her. 

Since then, I have had many goals like hiking Zion National Park or participating in the Color Run. These goals motivate me to work on myself every day. I am a confident person. I mean I have loved my image at all my body sizes. I love my curves and I know how to flaunt it in multiple ways. Size really doesn’t matter for my confidence level but my lifestyle does. Vanity is never as influential as these goals. All these motivations are to live life as I want. I do not want to limit myself from achieving my dream lifestyle just because of my stamina or physical incapabilities. If I can work on it to break the barrier, I am always up to the challenge.

“Every plant has its own requirements in order to grow and so do people”. New goals in my life motivate me to love my body every day.

What motivates you in life to work on your body?

*Dracula is a fake name. I am sure you realized.

Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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