Motivation on freeing my body

I want to be the last person limiting myself from achieving my dream goals.

Hiking Logbook: Hiking Journal With Prompts To Write In

In 2015, I was visiting Portland with my friend, Dracula*. We visited Multnomah Falls and it was incredible. Dracula wanted to hike to the top to see the upper section of the waterfall. I kind of did too but I was not as enthused as her. She pushed me to give it a try and we started hiking. The trail was all upward. I asked her to continue ascending and I would be joining behind her at my own pace. She started charging forward and I found a chair. So, I quickly sat down on the chair and didn’t turn my head back for a while. I guessed she was way ahead after all the minutes that had passed by. By now, I was sure she left me alone to hike up to the waterfall. I slowly turned back to check on her and there she was standing not that far staring at me.

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That stare, I do not know what to say. I felt sad, embarrassed and guilty. I wished I could hike with her and go to the top of the waterfall but I could not physically. I did not have the stamina nor strength. I had already run out of breath after a short walk. I was ashamed to not be able to hike with my friend and for myself.

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At that moment, I had made up my mind to work on myself for our next trip to Mount Rainier National Park, Seattle. I started training cardio 2-3 days per week and then slowly turned into a regular gym person. I motivated myself to exercise, not for beauty or anything related to vanity but to be physically fit enough to be able to do the hike. Later, I successfully hiked Mount Rainier National Park. I was so proud of myself and learned about my capabilities.

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I have always been a confident person and I love to live life as I want. I also have many goals like swimming with whales, hiking Zion National Park and participating in the Color Run, and I want to be the last person limiting myself from achieving my dream goals. Hence, I have been training to stay fitter and stronger.

How about you? Are you limiting yourself from achieving your goals and dream life?

*Dracula is a fake name. I am sure you realized.

Hiking Trails of the Pacific Northwest: Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Southwestern British Columbia

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