I lost my body

I always had a curvy body from my young age. However, I was unaware of a ‘curvy’ body type. After the rise of Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians and being exposed to curvy bodies, I slowly learned about different shapes of the body. You bet I took good care of it after that day (picture below). I exercised often to remain fit and learned more about how to maintain it. Everything I did made me curvier. I received compliments left and right. It was motivating. My body confidence was increasing and I was feeling beautiful.

All these were emotional factors; confidence, feeling beautiful. Emotionally, I felt so good about myself. I never felt like it before. I was eating and working out and it all made me feel great. You can find many ways to be curvier. I knew of two based on my experience; exercising and eating well and I was doing both. I thought my health was in good condition. Simultaneously, my weight was increasing with time but I thought I was gaining muscles because I still looked curvy. I had learnt that weight can increase after doing weights and I had started adding weights during my workout. So, I never worried about weight gain.

The thing about being emotionally happy with your body is cunning. If you are extremely happy and satisfied with yourself, you are not open to listening to any criticism from anyone. Not even the family doctor who constantly tells you to lose weight because you are overweight. You ignore your mother’s suggestion to maintain a healthy weight. The curvy shape and my body positivity journey were sailing smoothly for years until one day, I realized that I was obese when my BMI range was too high.

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Fast-forwarding to today, I am both emotionally and physically happy. I am no longer obese and I fall in the lower overweight BMI range. I still have some kilos to shed to be in the healthy range and I am looking forward to work on it. I never trusted BMI charts before and even now, I do not fully depend on them but I definitely use them as a reference to check on my health. 

In life, it is important to maintain balance on how you feel about your body and what is good for your body. It is the best thing to feel emotionally happy about your body. Not everyone, who is even healthy, feels good about themselves. Therefore let’s feel happier by taking care of our body. Give some thoughts on what your doctors and family tell you. Your doctor has spent  6-7 years of their life studying medicine and your parents have lived more than you experiencing numerous body and weight journeys. When they say something is not right for your body, let’s give some thoughts to it and do some research to make a decision for yourself.

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I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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