One Day of Paris by Foot

Here is a free itinerary to explore Paris. You only need one metro ticket to be a mix of local and a tourist for a day. Explore and live as a Parisian. You can go from #1 to #7 or vice versa by foot. Whichever point works better for you to start and end. 

  1. Palais du Luxembourg 

(Palace, Angelina Paris cafe, Statue of Liberty, Fountain of Medicis, Jardin du Luxembourg, L’Orangerie du Sénat museum)

Metro: Rennes, Luxembourg

This is a beautiful place filled with multiple activities for everyone. You can grab some food for takeout and have a picnic in the garden. If eating out is not for you, there is Angelina Paris cafe with the best dessert in Paris. A big fountain to chill, a garden to lay down, a palace to visit, a museum to explore, statues to appreciate, it has everything. While visiting this place, try to find a ‘statue of liberty’. It’s hidden somewhere in the park and finding it is considered to be lucky. 

  1. Wall the drunken boat by Rimbaud

(Walls of poem, small hidden alley, French poet)

After you finish #1, take Rue Ferou. As you walk down the small alley, you will find walls filled with a poem ‘Le Bateau Ivre’ by Arthur Rimbaud. It’s beautiful and perfectly painted. Take your time and try to learn some French words. I find this hidden alley perfect for an Instagram shot. When you are done with the poem, you will be standing right in front of a beautiful Catholic Church.

  1. Saint Sulpice Church

(Catholic church, fountain, square, second largest church in Paris)

This beautiful Roman Catholic church is unique as every other church. You do not need to enter if you are in a rush. The outside architecture can be cherished equally as inside. It is only a bit smaller than Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. It has a beautiful monumental fountain in front of it designed by Louis Visconti, who also designed the tomb of Napoleon. 

  1. Saint Germain des Pres

(Restaurants, cafes, markets, vintages shops, passages, stores, boulangerie)

In front of the church, there is a street called rue des Canettes. You can enter Saint Germain district from here and explore all the way up to the fountain Saint Michel. This district is filled with good restaurants, cafes, bookstores, Diagon alley for Harry Potter fans, Kiliwatch Collect Or for vintage lovers and more. You can sit outside on the cafe and experience Parisian lifestyle. Please don’t rush in this area. Take your own time and spread out. As you are exploring, the routes that I normally keep in mind are rue de canettes, rue guisarde, rue mabillon, rue de buci and rue Saint André des Arts. 

  1. Le Fontaine Saint Michel 

(Sculpted dragons, Latin Quarter, fountain, French Second Empire)

At the end of rue Saint André des Arts, you will find a beautiful fountain designed by Gabriel Davoud. Do notice the dragons, Archangel Michael and other features of the fountain. It was built during the French Second Empire and is a famous landmark in Paris. Now, there are artists playing music, displaying different talents in front of the fountain. Across the street in front of the fountain is Seine River.

Nextly, I would suggest you to take Rue de la Huchette to reach our next famous destination. As you take this alley, you will be surrounded by touristic stores and cafes. It’s a different experience than in Saint Germain. Remember you are standing in the heart of Paris.

  1. Shakespeare & Company bookstore

 (Latin Quarter, English bookstore, Anglophone, Interior design)

A must-visit bookstore in Paris not only for the English books but for its history, central location and beautiful interior designs. I love this bookstore. It was created to support Anglophone writers and has the best collections. Go through each room and enjoy the book world.  You can also get bookmarks in the cafe for free. I normally get a coffee, sit in the window and read a book. It’s another form of meditation for me. Do not be surprised if you see Instagrammers swamping the outside sitting place of the bookstore. I told you it’s famous. 

  1. Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

(Catholic Cathedral, Heart of Paris)

Metro: Cite

By now, you have definitely seen the most beautiful Cathedral in the world. It is right in front of the bookstore across the Seine River. If you are planning to visit Paris, reading this post, you definitely know about this landmark place. This is your final destination for the day. You have covered beautiful parts of Paris that will stay with you lifetime. 

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