The truth about losing weight

When you start losing weight, you lose fats from different areas of your body. You cannot control the process of fat loss, where you want to lose and where you want to keep them. It’s 100% true. There is no fat controlling and transferring magic unless you go under needles. I love my curve and I wanted to maintain them in the same size after I lost weight. However, life had something else planned for me.


During the start of my weight loss journey, my inner thighs started to slim down. But after some months, I couldn’t notice a change in any parts of my body except my big my curve was no more a curve but more of a straight line. I had lost fat in areas that I wanted to keep. All other parts of my body like thighs, calves, arms and belly were protecting theirs and I had no clue what from. Imagine the horror!

Please remember, this a critical phase to be during the weight-loss journey. After months of consistency and effort, I had the same body just without the best features. There were days when I wanted to give up. I even thought I was doing something wrong. Nothing was matching my expectations. I was not feeling sexy anymore and I was sad to no longer belong to the curvy group. Farewell to #curvywomen. 

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I was losing my body confidence as I was losing the features that made me feel alluring. Before I could see my curvy body easily in all my dresses and now, I had to make effort and move into a certain position to enhance it. I was scared to continue because this journey was new to me and I did not know what was waiting on the other side. 

Fast-forwarding to today, I am curvy again and my body has formed its own beautiful shape. Other parts of my body have finally lost their fat shares too and I fall into the curvy category again. It was definitely not an easy path but totally worth it. Based on my experience, along with patience and consistency, faith is very important to continue the journey. Trust the process. Do not rush to see the result, especially to expect certain results in some parts of your body. Let your body configure naturally.

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