SOMW journal #1

Hi Friends,

This is my first bi-weekly journal and I am super excited. I hope you had a great Valentine’s day. We visited an event by Plantes pour tous and bought a bouquet of dried flowers. On the 15th, I had the worst hangover of my life. Could be the age or the wine. During these occasions, I enjoy all kinds of foods and chocolates without restrictions. Do not let a diet jinx the celebrations. You have the remaining 364 days to work on yourself.

Where I am visiting

Museums have been closed in Paris for almost a year because of Covid-19. Luckily, the galleries are open and we have some of the best ones in Paris. I visited Gallery Perrotin and they currently have the exhibition ‘Inner Songes’ by Jens Fange. I also visited Galleria Continua and they have an interesting modern art collection of various artists. My favorite was ‘Champignon Collection de Nuage’ by Leandro Erlich. Check it out on my Instagram stories.


What I am trying

I recently started adding Himalayan Salt to my bath. I read that it helps to reduce inflammation. My feet swell after running and I want to check if Himalayan salt helps to reduce them. Moreover, it provides a sea-water texture and is a perfect substitution for saltwater as I live far away from the beach. I mix the Himalayan salt with my bubble bars and it is the best combo for relaxation. In addition, I have also been dry-brushing my body and I love it. Read more about its benefits here.

How I am motivating myself to run

We had the loveliest weather in Paris (19 degrees) after the snow and I wanted to go take profit of this beautiful weather. In addition to my must-haves for running, I tried something different for my run this time. I planned a new running route from my house to Jardin du Tuileries. After running, I stopped by a boulangerie and picked some lunch. Then, I headed to the park and had my lunch enjoying the sun. In the beginning, I didn’t know if I could do it but the new route got me excited. Do try running on a new route to motivate yourself. You can always modify your exercises and never miss enjoying the beautiful weather.

Running, eating panini, basking in the sun, visiting a beautiful park, c’est la vie!

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