Best towns to visit in Bretagne, France

Bretagne (Brittany) is located in the northwestern region of France. Many of them have definitely visited this region or at least passed through it during the visit to the famous island, Mont Saint-Michel. I stayed two weeks in Bretagne and these are my favorite towns to visit.

The Rough Travel Guide to Brittany & Normandy


Practical tips

  • 1-2 days are enough to visit a town
  • do wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot in cobblestone streets
  • do eat lots of sea-food (famous oysters from Cancale), crepes, galette, cider, biscuit by la mère poulard (click on the product to buy online), le pâté
  • do dress up in layers like an onion
  • learn some French words
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I love this town filled with 286 half-timbered houses. Start your visit from the historic centres of Rennes where you will be surrounded by these beautiful houses in the old town. You will also pass through the Parliament of Brittany, the town hall square and the beautiful roman catholic church, Rennes Cathedral. If you want to do cycling, La Vilaine has a beautiful cycling route by the river. Do visit the famous Lices farmer’s market ‘Marché des Lices‘ and try fresh food.

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One of the most famous towns in Bretagne is Saint-Malo. I was awestruck by the ‘Saint-Malo walls‘ from far. It reminded me of ‘The Iron Islands’ kingdom from Game of Thrones. In this town, almost everything you need to discover is around the granite walls; the cathedral St-Vincent, Musée Jacques Cartier of the man who discovered Canada, the lighthouse. Do notice the old houses with their gray granite color and the beautiful cobblestoned streets. The lifeless grayish has its own beauty of history. The town also has a sea-water swimming pool and many accessible islands. During low tide, you can even walk to Grand Bé, a tidal island, and pay homage to François-René de Chateaubriand, the famous writer.

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This town was totally worth the visit and is one of the best-preserved medieval walled citadels in France. We started the tour from the Bell Tower and then visited the Basilique Saint-Sauveur. This town has the most picturesque alley called ”Rue du Jerzual‘ surrounded by half-timbered houses, restaurants, shops, and galleries. If you love photography, do not miss this route. From this alley, you can walk down to the river Rance where you have options for boating and paddle-boarding. Do cross the Viaduct bridge and enjoy the beautiful town view from the top. Take your time to explore the beautiful houses, alleys, and live the medieval lifestyle while walking on the 13th-century ramparts.

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