Using Mustard oil for hair massage

I am choosing natural products as much as possible for my body and my current favorite is Mustard oil for my haircare. I have stopped using hair conditioners and any other hair products except shampoo. My goal is to grow my thick black hair up to my hips as my mother once had. So, I am massaging my hair more frequently. Mustard oil is definitely the best natural haircare ingredient and I highly recommend it to everyone.

AMAZON’S CHOICE: Mustard oil



Benefits of Mustard oil

Best hair conditioner: This oil is one of the best natural hair conditioners and Asian women have been using it for years. The alpha fatty acids in mustard oil are helpful in hydrating the scalp and the hair. My hair is shinier, less dry and frizzy after massaging it with the Mustard oil. I also used to lose hair volume when I used hair conditioner after shampoo, so conditioning the hair before shampoo and still maintaining the hair volume feels so good.

Inexpensive haircare product: 100% Mustard oil is easily accessible, inexpensive and a bottle lasts for a long time. It’s inexpensive unlike hair products from many brands and also the best safer conditioner for your hair. I have listed two of Amazon’s choice mustard oil in the blog post. Do check them out. I bought mine in an Indian store in Paris for less than 3 euros. You can find them online and in any Indian store.

Natural haircare ingredient: Do buy only 100% Mustard oil for hair massage. There should not be any other ingredients. It’s the best with no chemicals and no other ingredients. Please check the source of the oil to avoid fake ones and read reviews for more confidence. 100% mustard oil is a bit heavy. So, it is not the best choice to use as a hair serum after shampooing. I use Jojoba oil for hair serum.

Helps in hair growth: Mustard oil helps to nourish hair follicles with nutrient contents which can result in hair growth. In addition, massaging the scalp helps to circulate blood and the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil aids in reducing hair loss. There is no fact to prove that it helps in hair growth, but I have personally experienced it before. As I want to grow back my hair this year, I am back to my traditional ritual of applying mustard oil and massaging my hair at least twice per week.



AMAZON’S CHOICE: Mustard Oil Unrefined

How to use Mustard oil

This is how I use Mustard oil for hair massage and I have read many recommendations with similar practice. Give it a try!

– take a good amount of oil

– heat it up to moderate temperature

– massage on your scalp and continue to the tips

– braid your hair and leave the oil for a minimum of 1 hour, longer the better

– wash your hair with regular shampoo and applying conditioner is optional


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