SOMW journal #2

Hi Friends,

This is my second bi-weekly journal and I want to start by wishing all the ladies “Happy Women’s Month”. March is a women’s history month and a month to celebrate all the women! I cannot thank my mother enough for paving the path for me and empowering me to take risks in life. Last week, I posted my first collaboration with my friend, Alice, who started running and completed her first 50km run for the month. Her story is empowering for all of us who want to start running. This month, I am collaborating with more women I know. Sign up to read about my next collaboration!

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What am I celebrating

I celebrated “International Women’s Day” on 8/3 by completing my first 8 km ‘Course pour L’Égalité‘ marathon organized by the City of Paris but the greater news is that I am dedicating each run of this month to celebrate women who are empowering us daily. Thank you so much la Mairie du 19e and l’association Libres Terres des Femmes for organizing this great event. The marathon is promoting equality between men and women. You can still participate. Click here to learn how. BTW, it was my first marathon ever and I couldn’t be happier that my first official one was for women.

Who I am celebrating

I completed my first three runs and here are the three women that I am celebrating:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC, Congresswoman for New York’s 14th congressional district, is a female leader that we all should follow on Instagram. In addition to her great work to fight for the right causes for greater benefits, her life journey is very inspiring as well. I could write posts and posts about her but Time magazine has already done a great job. Click here to know AOC.

FKA Twigs (Tahliah Debrett Barnett) is an English singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress who recently spoke about her abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Shia LaBeouf. Many questioned her “Why didn’t she leave?” and she responded excellently to this question. Watch the interview here. In the beginning, I had a similar question to her, but when I reflected on my own past relationships, I understood the ‘Why’. There is never too much empathy.

Joy Lynn is an artist and researcher currently based in Sweden. Last week, she succeeded in returning a sacred lost statue “Lakshmi-Narayana” of Nepal from Dallas Museum. Her years of research about stolen Nepalese objects helped the FBI during the case. Read more here. I read about her just yesterday and her story and devotion towards this project completely blew my mind!


What I am trying

I am back to using Mustard oil for hair massage. Read about the benefits of the oil in my latest post. This is no hidden secret for hair care, especially for Asian women. “Hair doesn’t make the woman but good hair definitely helps!” I found this quote last week by Nami and I have fallen in love with it. Hair is considered the most precious jewel in my country, Nepal, and in each country, it symbolizes something important. However, the hair doesn’t define the femininity of someone or make someone less of a woman. Let’s focus on the health of the hair and make it a strong asset to support women and not use it as another weapon to discomfit women.

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