Fall in love with YOUrself

In this world, who could be the best person to fall in love with than with yourself. You are the one person you will have the longest relationship with and go through thick and thin. “I am my favorite” should be a line that should be said often, practiced often, and shared often. Definitely, not to a level of being a narcissist, but there is only one version of ‘you’ out of the 7.8 billion people and you should love yourself first.

It’s time to discover ways to fall in love with ourselves as we will live with this person all our life. No excuses and no option!

Exploring what activities you enjoy doing by yourself

Self-time is crucial and how we spend it makes a huge difference. We should practice discovering activities that we enjoy doing by ourselves. For me, I am not a cooker but I have discovered that I enjoy cooking by myself. I can cook with someone else too, but I don’t feel as relaxed as I would feel doing it alone. It’s interesting to discover your place of solitude. Some get more enjoyment by watching a movie alone in the theater, reading a book alone, running by themselves, self-travel, drinking coffee alone in a café rather than with someone else. It all depends on the individual and it’s important to practice these activities often to enjoy your own company.

Understanding your emotional triggers

Our emotions are no stranger to us as we feel them every second. However, the emotional triggers are completely new for many of us. It is very important to understand why we feel a certain way. If you snap to someone else, try to comprehend why you did it. You can practice it by yourself by doing researches and analyzing your behavior or by visiting a consultant for help. The emotional triggers effects many aspects of your life like how you would handle a situation. Hence, do understand the triggers and manage your emotions as it is very helpful in having a good relationship you have with yourself and with others.


Planning your next relationship phase

It’s good to know where you stand physically, emotionally, and mentally. Based on it, you can plan for yourself. These elements change constantly because of experiences, knowledge, age, or change in lifestyle. It’s good to monitor it frequently and understand where you are. A simple example, I recently figured out that physically my body cannot intake alcohol as I could years ago. So, now I have adapted to drinking less especially if I do not have a free next day to rest. Similarly, as you change emotionally, one can be ready to be in a relationship or be single. To each to their own journey. Therefore, we should practice acknowledging ourselves to know where we are and want to go next. 

Compromising to better yourself

Imagine arguing yourself and settling in a term? We do it often without realizing it. I am going to eat ice cream only twice a week because I want to lose weight. I am going to bed late to binge-watch the whole series. We have been compromising ourselves for years. Let’s continue to use this practice, but to better oneself. If you have a goal set for yourself, learn to compromise other things to reach the goal. In this way, you learn to plan your objectives and implement and no one can stop you. Be the one you aspire yourselves to be. It’s so much fun to work on yourself. No one can do it for you.


Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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