SOMW journal #3

Hi Friends,

Spring is here! I cannot wait to stroll around parks in Paris, have picnics with family, and enjoy the spring bloom. Also, strawberry is back in the stores. We had our first last weekend and it was so good. What’s your favorite spring fruit? Yesterday, we watched the first UEFA qualification football match between France and Ukraine for FIFA World Cup 2021. I am supporting France to win the World Cup 2021 obviously. Who are you cheering for? 

In France, we celebrated our first year of Covid-19 lockdown and I celebrated my one-year running anniversary (so proud). Hopefully, everything goes back to normal soon and we all can hang out with friends and family soon like we used to do.

One year of running – Happy Anniversary

Yesterday it marked one year of confinement in Paris because of Covid-19 and the day I started running outdoors. A few weeks ago, I had just bought my must-haves for…

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Where am I traveling

I love traveling and exploring places. I have been planning itineraries every weekend to explore my city, Paris during the weekend. I focus on one arrondissement of Paris and search for local places to visit. I had this idea when I wanted to take my partner out on a date and now, I have been continuing it for three weeks. We are usually excited to explore places that are located far from us but have we explored our own city. Now is the best time as there aren’t a lot of tourists and you can have beautiful spots for yourself.

Start Journaling

Happy New Year my dear readers ❤️ Because of Covid-19, lockdown, working remotely, we have lost track of days and missed important moments in our life. Every day seems and…

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What am I trying

I am trying new cardio. It’s jumping with a skipping rope. I used to play with it a lot as a kid and now it’s back in my life but in a form of a workout. I don’t know how I used to play with it so easily during my childhood. After my first try, my calves were on fire for days. I will definitely share the results as I do it more. I am loving it right now. It’s simple and very effective.


Whph Jump Rope
DEGOL Skipping Rope

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