SOMW journal #4

Hello friends,

I finally reached one of my 2020 goals. It’s better late than never, right! I had set a goal weight for myself last year and last week, I officially reached it. TBH, I could have reached my goal weight last year or sooner but I was in no rush. From November, the holiday season had started and we were celebrating many things until February. I did not want to miss any of the celebrations, chocolates, and foods. I was enjoying the process. Today, I am glad that I didn’t!


Where am I traveling

Paris is one of the best cities to live in. Currently, we are restricted to 10km distance confinement and it is leading me to discover hidden spots of my city. I visited a market of vintage books called ‘Le marche du Livre ancien et d’occasion de Paris‘. It is open only during the weekends. I got my hands on a collection book of Shakespeare and I immediately looked for ‘Romeo and Juliet’. If you are a book lover, you need to visit this market. The collection is incredible. There is also a park ‘Parc George Brassens‘ beside the park. After visiting the book market, I recommend visiting ‘Pascal & Anthony’ boulangerie and eating in the park.

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How many kilos I lost

Here is the golden number: 30 kg. I lost it in 19 months. If you follow me on Instagram @ang_pemay, you know that I work out often and I am quite flexible with foods. I did not follow any kind of diet program. However, I did set a personal program for myself that I am planning to share soon. Its true weight is just a number and I am not encouraging you to focus on the number. Please remember how you feel about yourself is the most important thing, self-love. I am a big advocate for self-love, self-care and body positivity. This announcement is to celebrate my achievement and encourage people who wants to lose weight. I have always loved my body and right now, I am getting used to my fitter body. I just had small abs line recently and I check it often to see if it is still there or it’s gone. Awkward! It’s a completely new journey for me and I am thrilled to see what’s next!

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