How to be eco-friendly at home?

Article written by Tatiana, edited by @angpemay

How to be eco-friendly at home; to have a positive experience from the beginning, start with actions that require a minimum effort. Small steps make a big difference and currently to save our environment, every step counts. I hope the following simple steps will help you to start your eco path journey.


The power of switching off: Every time you have to leave a room for more than 5 mins, turn the power off. It may seem like an insignificant thing, but it does save resources. You will also notice the difference in the electricity consumption in your monthly bills. Similarly, you can extend this rule to pretty much anything: turn off the PC, keyboard, mouse when you have finished your work, close all the unused functions in your phone (GPS when you are at home, data when you are in WiFi, etc.).

Recycle: Before throwing away objects, think about how you can reuse or repurpose them. Empty wine bottles are great containers for cooking oils and vinegar, old stools are excellent support for flower pots and mustard jars can be used as drinking glasses. Likewise, you can find multiple recycling and repurposing ideas on the websites. Try to apply them and recycle materials. 

Wash your clothes in cold water: About 90% of the washing machine’s energy during laundry goes toward heating the water. So if you use cold water or set up your laundry for lower temperatures than usual, it will reduce energy consumption leading to a happier planet.

Start Journaling

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