SHOP Eco-friendly and Reuse

Shop water bottles and reuse (Amazon’s choice)

Elvira Motivational Fitness Sports Water Bottle
Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle with 3 Lids
Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid 

Shop grocery shopping bag and reuse (Amazon’s choice)

22″ Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tote Bag (Zippered)
BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags Set of 6 Lightweight
Reusable Shopping Bags for Groceries Foldable XLarge Nylon Tote Bags

Shop straws and reuse (Amazon’s choice)

Senneny Set of 5 Stainless Steel Straws with Silicone Flex Tips
StrawExpert Set of 16 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws
Reusable Bottle Straws – Pack of 6

Shop kitchen towels and reuse (Amazon’s choice)

Franco Kitchen Designers Set of 4 Decorative Soft and Absorbent Cotton
KAF Home Pantry Lemons All Over Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 4
Figolo Microfiber Kitchen Towels

Shop coffee cups with lids and reuse (Amazon’s choice)

Sustainable Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup
Umite Durable Insulated Coffee Mug
HARVEST PACK Insulated Ripple Double-Walled Paper Cup with Lid

Start Journaling

Happy New Year my dear readers ❤️ Because of Covid-19, lockdown, working remotely, we have lost track of days and missed important moments in our life. Every day…

Author: ang_pemay

I have stories and thoughts to update you through some of my words. Keep reading because you may have the similar tale to share with me.

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