Motherhood after thirty

After we, women (not necessarily all), reach a certain age, we start thinking about the biological clock and motherhood. Being a mother has never been so complex. Nowadays, women are getting pregnant late but the biological clock has not evolved and it’s still the same. So, we are facing many challenges to be a mother. Will I ever get pregnant? Try IVF or surrogacy? Should I just go with the flow? Do I make an appointment to check my fertility? Should I freeze my eggs? Should I adopt?… There are so many complications. If you are blessed, it’s one trial or some months journey but sometimes the waiting period lasts for years or we need extra help to get pregnant or we have not met the one to be pregnant with and don’t want to lose healthy eggs.

As Mother’s day is approaching, let’s celebrate the day by opening conversations about these challenges and the solutions. Many influencers have shared theirs motherhood journey and I find it very helpful (videos below). Start discussing with your mother, girlfriends, partner, doctors, ask questions and share information!


Pregnancy through In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

Thank you Hannah for sharing your IVF journey. Sometimes it’s hard to get pregnant even after taking care of your health and doing everything right. Check out her pregnancy complications, journey, late delivery and a happy ending with baby Preston stories. The IVF process seems to distress you physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and financially. However, it’s all worth it in the end. 

Pregnancy after Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Big congratulations to Romee with baby Mint. Her menstruation stopped for 6 years and she was diagnosed with PCOS. So, her doctor let her know that it would be hard to conceive a baby naturally. If you have irregular, no periods or abnormal periods, you might not be ovulating. So please consult the doctor early as possible. 

Freezing eggs for future pregnancy

Deepica froze her eggs in early 2021 and was so kind to share the whole journey to provide insights and help other women. We, women, have our own biological clock and luckily with the development of science, we are able to buy and stretch the time of fertility by freezing our healthy eggs. It’s always a personal choice and the more options, the merrier.

Family planning

Sarah Hyland who is 30 years old asks important questions to OBGYN Dr. Sherry Ross, Kourtney and Khloe on IVF, freezing eggs, family planning and birth control. I feel for Khloe when she mentioned that she tried IVF 3 times and Kourtney freezing her eggs at 39 years old. I found the video to be informative and helpful to start the conversation on family planning. You can always research more if you want detailed information. Please make sure the sources are reliable.

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