Must-visit museums in Paris

You cannot say that you have visited Paris if you have not been to a museum in the city. Paris has rich European art collections. I suggest to give a try even if you are not into museums. It is not only about arts, but architecture, culture, history, and Parisian vibe.


  • Book your tickets online and skip the long line
  • Check out the temporary exhibitions on the official website of the museums
  • Try to list the art pieces that you want to see and plan your visit accordingly
  • Look for places to eat around the museum
  • Don’t rush your visit. Take time and enjoy the museum.
  • Musée du Louvre

One of the most famous museums in the world is located in the heart of Paris. The pyramid is located in the center of the museum and the famous Jardin des Tuileries is right in front of the museum. If you do not know which museum to pick, Louvre is the best safe pick. Along with Mona Lisa (La Joconde), the museum has the best permanent collections from Europe, Asia, and other continents. Do check out their temporary exhibitions too. They organize the best ones. One of my favorites was the exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci. Louvre is a huge museum. So, do plan ahead and wear comfortable shoes. 

  • Musée d’Orsay

Once a train station and now a museum, this beautiful museum beside the seine river is not to be missed. It includes collections of post-impressionist painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas. Also, do not miss the big clock view. You can see Mont Saint Michel right through the clock, but get ready to stand in line. It’s one of the famous Instagram spots. There is a beautiful cafe inside the museum where you can rest later, after standing and walking for hours. At the end of the museum, you have a glass floor with a view of the Paris rooftop on the bottom. It reminds me of the Chanel fashion show. Enjoy Paris from above.

  • Musée de l’Orangerie

This museum is dedicated to Claude Monet’s infinite garden collections. I love this museum. It’s completely different from others. You can enjoy his garden view during different times of the day and it really takes you to his world. I like to sit, listen to music and enjoy the painting of Monet’s garden. This museum is located in the famous Jardin des Tuileries. I think you can spend less than an hour or hours in this museum. It all depends on the individual. If you want to check out other collections of Monet, you can walk across the bridge and visit Musée d’Orsay. 

  • Musée National Picasso

Paris obviously has a museum dedicated to Picasso. It is located in Le Marais. This museum has beautiful architecture inside and the collection is good. It is a good size museum and does not take hours to explore like the others. If you happen to be in Le Marais and you are not into the classic museums like Louvre, this might be the right museum for you.


This list can go on and on. We love options. Here is a list of other museums in Paris that you can plan to visit:

  • Musée de Rodin
  • Le Centre Pompidou
  • Palais de Tokyo
  • Musée Jacquemart-André
  • Petit Palais
  • Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris
  • Musée de la Vie romantique
  • Musée Gustave-Moreau
  • Institut de Monde Arabe

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