“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”

I am a curvy Nepali currently residing in Paris, France. I love travelling and I will be sharing my journeys with the world through this blog. I started this blog around 2008 and just like knowing oneself with time, I have finally figured out what I want to blog about. I have been exploring so many areas to cover but with time, many categories have faded away except these top three: Destination, curvy women lifestyle and short stories.

Firstly, I am sharing my travelling journeys, tips, must-do for wanderlust lovers. I have been blessed to live in four major cities as a local: Kathmandu, Paris, London and Los Angeles. I could not ask for more as a wanderlust lover but I also realize I have covered only a small portion of the world. I love nature and I want to grab every opportunity to explore it.

Secondly, I am sharing my curvy girl moments covering body awareness, self-care, confidence and curvy styles. I strongly believe in empowering body positivity and we need it now more than ever. I hope my personal experiences help you in your own journey.

Lastly, I am writing short articles about different subjects. As a Pisces girl, I will use my imaginative trait to collect my thoughts and experiences from the sky and build them into the words. I have always loved writing and reading and I want to work more on it. It’s one of my dream coming true to share with the readers.

Let’s keep evolving and empowering – to you, the world and me!


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